Видеопередатчик Dragonfly 5.8G 48CH 25/200/600mw за $7.90

Хороший видеопередачик под стэк 30 на 30. Имею один такой в своей коллекции, отличная цена за него) 

Main Features:

Stackable Design, easy to place above flight controller.
9-26V input, suitable for multirotors of various sizes for indoor and outdoor flight.
Switchable between 25/200/600mw, convenient for adapting the flying environment.
Comes with 48 channels, including the Raceband.
Two ways of connection: Directly plug-in or soldering.
SMA and RP-SMA connectors are selectable.
Heat sink design to avoid over-heated.
Extension cable is selectable. (Need to purchase seperately, Clike Here to Buy)

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